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The Writer Didn't Write About My Keyword
This can easily happen when a keyword or topic can have different meanings or is too general. Please note that a writer can't possibly know what you mean unless you tell him/her. It is in your responsibility to add a few words to your keyword to explain what you want. Otherwise you risk to end up with an article that has a completely different meaning.

So for example, when your article keyword is "dog training" but you need an article about dog training for retrievers then please just add this info to the article keyword within brackets like this:

Dog Training (for retrievers)

Even if you have ordered resource boxes and provided an URL to your web site which is about dog training for retrievers, please note that it is not the writers responsibility to check your web site to find out what you possibly mean with the keyword you have ordered. You must make it clear in your article keyword field what you want the article to be about.

Please note we also can't save any of your instructions for future reference so you must include any instructions with every new order you make.