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MAX/UAW Upload
The most common questions we get about the MAX/UAW Integration is 'how do I upload' and 'where do I find my articles in UAW.

Follow these steps to make sure that everything is setup correctly for uploading.

1. In your MAX account - go to Account/Preferences and enter your UAW username and password in the bottom right fields
2. Go to your article list - here you will see your articles and on each line, buttons to Download, Archive, Upload to UAW, and Delete
3. By clicking on 'Upload to UAW' your article will be sent to UAW and deposited in the project name as shown in MAX
4. You may also mass upload by selecting the checkboxes of the articles you want to send to UAW and then clicking on the large UAW icon at the top of the page.
5. NOTE: When uploading to UAW, you will be prompted to archive your articles after upload. Normally you would say yes, as once your articles are uploaded into UAW, there is no need to work with them further in MAX. However if you do need to resend them to UAW or wish to work with them further, either select Cancel to not have the articles archived, or if they already are, de-archive them so you may work with them further.